Welcome to Smart Karobaar

Your AI-based Automated Trading Assistant in Nepal Stock Market
Join us and save your time by automating the technical analysis.
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Our Features

Explore the advanced features of Smart Karobaar
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  • Automated Trading

    Our AI-based system automates the trading process for you.
  • Advanced Scanner

    Discover opportunities and find high growth stock setups.

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    Technical Analysis

    Smart Karobaar uses charts powered by TradingView. A comprehensive trading and investment platform, offering an exceptional charting experience to users. It empowers traders and investors with cutting-edge analytical tools including and .


    Key Features

    What makes us stand out
    • AI Signal
      Automatic Buy - Sell Signal
    • Technical Scanner
      Scan all the listed Scrip within a few sec
    • Intraday Swing Prediction
      Best prediction tool for Intraday traders

    What Our Users Say

    Testimonials from our satisfied users
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    Smart Karobaar has revolutionized my trading experience. The automated system saves me a lot of time and the advanced scanner helps me find the best opportunities.
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    Lalita Paudel

    Swing Trader

    Our Plan

    Choose your plan Now

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      Free Plan :

      Our Free Plan is specifically designed for beginners, offering them a risk-free opportunity to delve into the world of stock trading. It is completely free of charge and grants users access to a wide array of features and tools that will jumpstart their trading journey. As part of our commitment to empowering beginners, we provide complimentary technical training sessions. These informative evening classes, held three to four times a week, deliver essential knowledge and insights into technical analysis and trading strategies. Our seasoned instructors guide participants through the fundamentals of trading, helping them establish a solid foundation and gain confidence in navigating the stock market.
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      Premium Plan :

      Our Premium Plan is designed for traders who are ready to take their stock trading journey to the next level. With this plan, users gain access to a host of powerful tools and features, combined with the added benefit of free technical training sessions. As part of our commitment to ongoing education and skill development, we offer free technical classes exclusively for Premium Plan subscribers. These sessions are conducted regularly and cover advanced topics in technical analysis and trading strategies. Our experienced instructors provide in-depth guidance, empowering traders to enhance their knowledge and refine their trading skills. One of the standout features of the Premium Plan is the Parameter Scan. This tool offers an extensive range of more than 20 indicators, allowing traders to customize their scans and identify precise trading opportunities based on specific parameters. Whether it's moving averages, oscillators, or trend lines, traders have the flexibility to tailor their scans to match their unique trading preferences.