Understanding The Chande Kroll Stop

  • The Chande Kroll Stop (CKS) is a volatility-based trailing stop indicator developed by Tushar Chande and Stanley Kroll.

  • It helps investors identify potential exit points in trending markets and provides a disciplined approach to risk management.

  • The CKS calculates stop levels based on the Average True Range (ATR), allowing it to adjust dynamically to changes in volatility. By placing stops under (and on) the high (low) of the last "n" bars, the CKS aims to protect profits during upward trends and limit losses during downward movements.


The Role of Smart Karobaar App in chande kroll stop

The Smart Karobaar App is a powerful tool that empowers investors in the NEPSE stock market by providing real-time data, analytics, and intelligent features. By integrating the Chande Kroll Stop, the app enhances decision-making capabilities and optimizes investment strategies.

Key Features of Smart Karobaar App and the Chande Kroll Stop:

  • Accurate Risk Management: The app assists investors in setting appropriate stop-loss levels. These levels are dynamically adjusted based on market volatility, ensuring investments are protected against significant downturns. This feature helps investors maintain a disciplined approach and effectively manage risk.

  • Trend Identification: It helps identify prevailing market trends. The app provides visual indicators to spot potential trend reversals, enabling investors to make informed decisions. Aligning trades with the prevailing trend enhances the probability of successful trades and optimizes profits.

  • Flexibility and Customization: The app allows users to customize parameters according to their risk tolerances and trading preferences. This flexibility ensures the strategy can be adapted to suit individual trading styles, making it a versatile tool for investors of all levels.

  • Real-Time Alerts:The app provides real-time alerts based on the Chande Kroll Stop, notifying investors of potential exit points or trend reversals. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of missing crucial market movements, enabling investors to seize profitable opportunities promptly.


The Smart Karobaar App with the integration of the Chande Kroll Stop offers investors a comprehensive solution for informed decision-making, accurate risk management, trend identification, and real-time alerts, making it an invaluable tool in the NEPSE stock market.

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Here is the formula for the Chande Kroll Stop indicator:

 Initial high stop = HIGHEST [p] (high) – x * Average True Range [p] 

Initial low stop = LOWEST [p] (low) + x * Average True Range [p] 

Short stop = HIGHEST [q] (Initial high stop)


You can scan Chande kroll stop (CKS) in smart karobaar app with following process:

1) At first you have to open smart karobaar app .

2) Then you have to tap on technical scanner and on volatility option.

3) At last tap on Chande kroll stop (CKS) option to scan .




Download the app from following link :