Inside Bar

An Inside Bar develops during a strong downtrend when the trading range is completely within the high and low of the previous bar. This suggests the pressure between buyers and sellers is becoming more evenly balanced. it is a two-bar price action trading strategy in which the inside bar is smaller and within the high to low range of the prior bar, i.e. the high is lower than the previous bar's high, and the low is higher than the previous bar's low.

The Inside Bar is a popular candlestick pattern that forms when the high and low of the current candle are within the high and low range of the previous candle. In simple terms, the current candlestick is engulfed by the previous one. This pattern represents a period of consolidation or indecision in the market, suggesting a potential upcoming breakout or reversal.

Identifying Inside Bar Pattern with Smart Karobaar App

The Smart Karobaar app is a revolutionary tool for NEPSE traders and investors. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze market data and identify various candlestick patterns, including Inside Bars.

  1. Pattern Recognition: The app continuously scans historical and real-time market data to detect Inside Bar patterns on various stock charts. It marks the Inside Bars clearly, allowing you to visualize and analyze them effortlessly.

  2. Alerts and Notifications: By setting up personalized alerts, you can receive instant notifications whenever an Inside Bar pattern is identified on the stocks you are monitoring. This feature ensures you never miss any potential trading opportunities.

  3. In-depth Analysis: The Smart Karobaar app provides detailed analysis of the Inside Bar pattern, including its reliability and historical performance. This information empowers you to make informed decisions based on the pattern's track record.

  4. Customizable Filters: To fine-tune your strategy, the app allows you to apply filters to Inside Bar patterns based on specific criteria, such as volume, timeframes, or sector-specific stocks. This customization ensures you only focus on the most relevant opportunities.

Why is the inside bar important?

The Inside Bar pattern can be a versatile tool for traders in the NEPSE. Here are some Advantages of smart karobaar

  1. Entry and Exit Points: Inside Bars can serve as excellent entry and exit points for trades. A breakout above the mother bar's high can signal a bullish trend, while a breakdown below the mother bar's low can indicate a bearish trend. The Smart Karobaar app assists you in identifying these potential breakout or breakdown points.

  2. Confirmation for Trend Reversals: When an Inside Bar pattern forms after a prolonged uptrend or downtrend, it may suggest an imminent trend reversal. The app's analysis of historical Inside Bar patterns can help you determine the pattern's reliability in different market conditions.

  3. Risk Management: Inside Bars offer valuable insights into market indecision. By observing them on key support or resistance levels, you can manage your risk more effectively and avoid making hasty decisions during uncertain market conditions.

Inside bars are a valuable indicator of a breakout, but traders can never guarantee that the price will break the way they've predicted. A stop-loss order should always be placed on any trade that relies on an inside bar to identify price consolidation.


You can scan inside bar using Smart Karobaar app wth following process :

1) At first you can open smart karobaar app. 

2) Then you can tap on technical scanner and option volatility.

3) Then tap on inside bar .

4) At last you can scan inside bar after this process.



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